Face painter Daisy Doodle does great face painting and glitter tattoos for childrens birthday parties and kids party entertainment in New York City

Face painting for childrens party entertainment in New York City

Daisy Doodle face painting child at corporate party in Manhattan NY
Boy gets face painted at summer street fair in New York City
Girl is face painted as Hello Kitty at New York Baby Show in Manhattan

Face painter Daisy Doodle face painting kids at childrens parties, festivals, street fairs, corporate events, birthdays

All children are stars when they get facepainted by Daisy Doodle in New York City!

Face painting Kids Birthday Party nyc

Older girls get face painted as tiger and dalmation at corporate party in Connecticut
Birthday party twins smile after getting face painted by Daisy Doodle in Brooklyn NY

Samples of Daisy Doodle's face painting for children

Sisters face painted with flowers at birthday party in Queens NY
Children are face painted as super heros at kids party in Bronx NY

Face painter Daisy Doodle transforms kids faces!

Boy admires his tiger face painting at corporate party nyc
Brother and sister face painted as dalmations at company party in Manhattan NY
Girls love this face painting in nyc-flower rainbow crown

Add pizzazz to birthday parties with face painting!

Girl in new york city got face painted as rock star Gene Simmons
Girls get face painted as Hello Kitty at childrens birthday party in Brooklyn NY
Boy face painted as pirate at restaurant Kids Night in Manhattan NY
Face painter Daisy Doodle uses high quality hypoallergenic face paints for her face and body painting in nyc

Body painting for Childrens Parties nyc



Girl gets butterfly face painting and hands body painted at birthday party in Queens NY
Child got face and body painted with rainbows and hearts at streetfair in Bronx NY
Birthday girl gets face painted as Hello Kitty and body painted with rainbow and flowers
Boy gets his face painted as ninja turtle and body painted with big snake

Face and body painting for children's birthday party entertainment nyc

Older girl at streetfair in Brooklyn got face and body painted
Boy gets spiderman face painting and arms body painted with spider webs at kids party in Long Island NY

Kids body painting plus face painting is great fun!

Kids love to be face painted as animals for parties in New Westchester, Long Island NY

Animal face painting entertainment

Boy roars in delight at being face painted as lion at Kids Night Entertainment!
girls pose in character for cheetah face painting at childrens party in Westchester NY.
This child looks ferocious with tiger face painting plus body painting nyc

Kids choose their favorite animal for face painting

Face and body painting spiral border on face painting page

Butterfly childrens party face painting

birthday girl gets face painted as  butterfly with her favorite colors   Rainbow butterfly is popular at kids party entertainment in New York City   Birthday child picked butterfly for her face painting in Brooklyn NY

Girls love to be face painted as colorful butterflies

Face painting at kids parties is often accompanied with balloon twisting entertainment

Face painting plus balloon twisting!

boy face painted as batman superhero with balloon sword in Manhattan NY
Daisy Doodle face painted a rainbow crown plus made balloon party crown for this girl
Boys like rainbow face painting too!  Plus balloon twisted bumble bee

Kids facepainting often followed by balloon twisting

birthday girl is painted with butterfly face and holds a balloon puppy
Hello Kitty face painting for child plus a heart shaped balloon hat
Rainbow crown face painting and balloon hat at birthday party in Long Island NY

Face painting & balloon twisting party entertainment

Girls got face and body painted at Big Daddys Diner in Manhattan NY
Boys are face painted as dalmations with matching twisted balloon dogs
Kids get face painting to match their balloons!
Kids love to be facepainted as superheros at childrens halloween parties in New York
Super Hero face painting is popular choice for boys at kids parties in new york
Children enjoy Super hero theme parties with face painting in NYC

Superhero kids party face painting

Boy chose face painting as superhero Batman at his birthday party in Bronx NY
Boy wears a balloon helmut to match his spiderman face painting in Jersey City NJ
Wonder Woman superhero face painting for girls at birthday parties in ny

Kids love super hero face painting entertainment

Daisy Doodle does beautiful face painting for girls birthday parties in NY, NJ,CT

Princess birthday party facepainting

Girl is face painted with party crown and rainbow hearts in Manhattan NY
Birthday girl face painted as princess at streetfair in nyc
Party girl gets face painted with rainbow star crown to match her outfit

Girls face painted with crowns for party entertainment

Older children like to be painted with scary faces at parties in New York City
Scary Birthday Party Face painting
Birthday boy is face painted as a blood-sucking vampire-eek!
Older girl wanted vampire face painting at party in Brooklyn NY
Skeleton face painting is popular with older kids at parties in nyc

Older kids love scary facepainting, don't be afraid!

Facepainting is essential at kids Halloween parties!

Face painting kids Halloween party

Scary evil clown Halloween face painting to  match child's costume
Halloween face painting at costume party in Long Island NY
These kids got face painted as zombies at Halloween party in NYC

Children face painted to match Halloween costumes

Face painter Daisy Doodle does holiday face and body painting for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza parties in New York City

Facepainting Holiday&Christmas Party

Girl gets snowman face painting for company holiday party in Manhattan NY
Child face painted with rainbow star for holiday party entertainment nyc
Holiday party face painting for kids entertainment NY NJ CT

Kids face painted for Holiday & Christmas Entertainment

Face painter Daisy Doodle does body painting on hands and arms as party entertainment in New York City

Body Painting for Kids Parties

Child gets face painted with rainbow at party in Brooklyn NY.
Birthday boy gets snake face painted on arm at party in Queens NY
  Rainbow stars face painted on arm of birthday party child nyc  
Arm face painting with rainbow hearts popular with girls nyc
2 girls get matching body painting at birthday party in Manhattan NY

Arms & body painting for childrens entertainment

Face painting on hands for party entertainment in Bronx NY
Birthday child gets colorful hand painting
Girls get jewelry body painting on hands at birthday party nyc
Child gets hand face painting at kids party in Manhattan ny

Variety of kids hands and arms body painting

Birthday kid gets scary face painting on arm at party nyc
Child gets both hands body painted at her birthday party nyc.
Some kids have strange requests for their body painting at parties in new york!
Face painter Daisy Doodle entertaining kids at parties in NYC for 20 years

Daisy Doodle, Master Facepainter nyc


* face painting at kids birthday parties for 20 years

* uses only high quality hypo-allergenic face paints

* face paint is easily removed with soap and water

* glitter tattoes also available

* face painting is enjoyed by adults as well as children

* Daisy Doodle uses glitter to jazz up her face painting

* face painting can be combined as kids birthday party package with dance party or magic show or balloon twisting or games/contests or craft projects.

face painting nyc for kids parties border

Serving New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Westchester, Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, NYC

Face and body painting adds fun to kids party entertainment in NYC!
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