Balloon twisting for  parties nyc NY NJ CT

Balloon Twister Daisy Doodle for Childrens Party Entertainment NYC

Balloonist Daisy Doodle with 2 boys for Halloween party nyc
Balloon artist Daisy Doodle at street fair in Manhattan
Balloonist Daisy Doodle twisted balloon hats for kids at company party

Daisy Doodle twists balloons for birthday parties, festivals, street fairs, company events, restaurants

Balloon twister Daisy Doodle also does great face painting as childrens party entertainment

Balloon Twisting Kids Birthday Party

Birthday kid gets big balloon twisted crown plus heart flower balloon sculpture in nyc
  Birthday boy gets twisted balloon crown, balloon animal and his face painted as a tiger in Brooklyn NY  
Birthday party child gets balloon twisted crown plus face painting as rainbow princess in Queens NY

Balloon artist Daisy Doodle twists balloons for birthday party kids entertainment in NYC, NJ, CT

Girl gets balloon twisted flower plus flower face painting at birthday party in Bronx NY   Birthday girl is delighted with her balloon twisted flower hat at party in Manhattan   Boy wears flower balloon twisted hat at birthday party in Jersey City NJ
Balloon twisting and facepainting is popular as kids party entertainment

Facepainting & Balloon Twisting nyc

Boy wears balloon twisted teddy bear hat and is face painted as a zombie   Child get his face painted as a lion and sports a balloon twisted baseball hat   Girl  wears happy face balloon twisted hat and  face painting as butterfly

Kids love to be entertained with face painting and balloon twisting at childrens parties in New York City

Birthday boy is face painted as superman and holds a twisted balloon sword   Girl holds a twisted balloon sword that matches her face painting as rock star   Boy with a balloon twisted sword and face painting as a skeleton
Balloon making hats are popular at birthday parties in nyc

Balloon Animal Maker NYC

Boy wears a balloon animal hat at his birthday party in Manhattan   Child chooses a balloon sculpted rocket ship hat at party in Brooklyn NY   Balloonist Daisy Doodle twisted balloon animal hat for birthday child in Queens NY

Balloonist Daisy Doodle twists animal balloons & hats for kids entertainment at parties, street fairs, festivals

Balloon animal artist Daisy Doodle made a cool rainbow spider at party in New York City   A spider hat for birthday boy by balloon animal maker Daisy Doodle
Balloon twisting is popular party entertainment in NY CT NJ

Balloon Twisting Party Entertainment

Boy wears balloon twisted sword, belt, helmut; face painting as ninja turtle at party in Connecticut   Uncle and nephew sport balloon twisted swords and helmuts at corporate party in nyc   Little girl wears big balloon animal wings twisted by balloon artist Daisy Doodle

Party guests of all ages love twisted balloons!

1 kid with balloon animal puppy, other kid wearing balloon animal butterfly hat   Girls with twisted balloon flowers and face painting at halloween party in new york city
) Balloon twister  Daisy Doodle makes balloons for Halloween party entertainment

Balloonist on CBS-TV Early Show

Balloon artist Daisy Doodle twisted balloons for CBS-TV's kids Halloween party in Manhattan NY

Daisy Doodle twisted balloons on "CBS Early Show" on Channel 2 TV for Childrens Halloween Party broadcast.

Balloon Artist Daisy Doodle and balloon hat she wore for CBS-TV.

Balloon animal hat made by balloonist Daisy Doodle for Halloween party on CBS-TV
Adults sometimes  hire a balloon twister for their parties in Manhattan NY

Balloon Twisting for Adult Parties

Man wearing a balloon twisted hat at his birthday party in Bronx NY   Birthday guy smiles at his fancy balloon twisted hat at party in Brooklyn NY   Man looks snazzy with his balloon twisted pole dance hat

Adults enjoy wearing balloon twisted hats at parties!

Birthday lady wears a balloon twisted birthday crown at her party in New York City Woman looks snazzy in balloon twisted flower hat at company party in NYC
Balloonist Daisy Doodle is balloon twister for parties in NY CT NJ
Twisted balloon bracelets & bouquet
Balloon twisted bracelets add pizzazz to birthday party attire   Twisted balloon bouquets are unique party decorations

Ladies show off twisted balloon bracelets at birthday party, balloon bouquet sculptures for decoration

Balloon twisting and face painting go well together as birthday party entertainment
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