Holiday party entertainment and Christmas magic shows by kids performer Daisy Doodle in New York City

Holiday Kids Parties and Christmas Party Entertainment NY

Childrens entertainer Daisy Doodle offers a wide variety of Holiday party entertainment in NYC, including Holiday magic shows, Christmas Elf and Ms. Santa characters, sing-along and dancing, holiday face painting, balloon twisting, craft projects. Daisy Doodle also does Hanukkah and Kwanza parties for children. She entertains at holiday parties in New York City, Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, NY, parts of Connecticut and New Jersey.


Christmas magician Daisy Doodle performs magic shows for holiday childrens party entertainment in nyc, manhattan, brooklyn, bronx, queens, westchester, long island NY.
Childrens holiday magician Daisy Doodle does magic shows for kids Christmas party entertainment in new york city

Holiday Magic Show by Magician Daisy Doodle
for Christmas, Holiday, Chanukah, Kwanza Parties

Magician Daisy Doodle's Holiday Magic Show for childrens party entertainment features holiday magic and can be adapted for Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza or multi-cultural kids parties. The Holiday Party Magic Show includes storytelling, comedy, costuming, magic volunteers and lots of children's participation. Older kids compete in exciting holiday contests and games (see photos below). Holiday Magic Show is fun for family audiences as well as kids. Daisy Doodle can dress as an Elf or Ms. Santa character, or in festive holiday magician costume.

Also below are photos from first half of a company kids Christmas Party Magic Show with magician Daisy Doodle and her magic show helpers.


Photos of Kids Christmas Magic Show Contest

4 kids waiting to perform for the office Christmas party magic show entertainment in new york
Children blowing up balloons for a contest in the holiday party magic show in new york city
Kids participating in a magic show contest as the finale of the magic Christmas party entertainment in ny

Older kids enjoy a balloon popping contest at the Christmas Holiday Party NYC


Photos of a Christmas Holiday Party Magic Show ny

A children's volunteer helps Christmas magician Daisy Doodle with a magic trick at a corporate holiday party in nyc Magician Daisy Doodle shows the kids the magic that just happened at this corporate Christmas party. Kids holiday magician Daisy Doodle showing children the magic painting at the office Christmas party entertainment in new york ny

Christmas Magic Show volunteer magically paints holiday snowman at Christmas Magic Show NYC

Childrens magician Daisy Doodle wants to make it snow at the holiday Christmas party magic show in Manhattan NY
Oh dear, hard to choose from all the children for a volunteer to help Christmas party magician Daisy Doodle at the office holiday party

Let's make snow for our Christmas party!

Hard to choose magic show volunteers

Wow, the kids helped magician Daisy Doodle create magic snow at the office Christmas party in nyc
Christmas magician Daisy Doodle throws magic snow on the children at this corporate holiday party
Holiday magician Daisy Doodle had fun making magic snow for the kids of the employees at their corporate Christmas party in new york

Snow magically created at Holiday Christmas party magic show with help from a audience and magic volunteers

Daisy Doodle offers holiday elf and Ms. Santa character for Christmas party entertainment in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx NY
Ms Santa character can assist Santa at his duties at a corporate Christmas party or perform other activities for kids holiday party entertainment in nyc

Christmas Elf character or Mrs. Santa Christmas Party character

Spice up your holiday party with a Christmas Elf or Mrs. Santa character! Christmas Elf or Mrs. Santa can help Santa with kids at a holiday party, or do face painting or balloon twisting. Christmas Elf or Mrs. Santa character can lead holiday dancing or sing-along of favorite Christmas and holiday songs. Kids holiday craft projects and Christmas craft projects for children are available too! Fun for private or corporate parties.

Holiday party entertainer Daisy Doodle can lead children in fun party dancing as part of their Christmas party entertainment in nyc
How about a Christmas party version of the Macarena?  Dance to  different cultural holiday traditions including Chanukah's Sevivon, Italy's Buone Natalie, and many more

Upbeat Holiday and Christmas Party Dancing and Music

A holiday party version of Macarena? Yes! Dance to upbeat holiday and Christmas party dance music, including Jingle Bell Rock, Santa Claus is coming to town, Sevivon, Rocking around the Christmas tree, more. Plus dance to classic kids party dance favorites like the Hokey Pokey, Limbo, the Twist, Conga Line, more. Handouts include streamer wands and hand clackers or maracas for children to dance with. Seasonal presents available for kids and children, including holiday rings and stickers.

Daisy Doodle offers facepainting for holiday and corporate christmas party entertainment in ny
Facepainting for holiday kids parties is a popular activity at private and corporate christmas parties

Holiday & Christmas Party Facepainting for Children

This child has a christmas tree face painted on her cheek at a corporate holiday party   Christmas elf Daisy Doodle is facepainting at a kids holiday party in nyc  
A snowman under a rainbow is facepainted on a girls cheek at a corporate holiday party

Christmas tree facepainting party nyc


Daisy Doodle as Christmas Elf Character facepainting the kids


Snowman facepainting under a rainbow

Reindeer antlers on top of a face painted as a dalmation is a cute combination at this holiday corporate party in manhattan.
Snowmen are popular facepainting choice for kids at holiday parties in nyc
a poinsetta princess facepainting was chosen by this girl at a chrismas corporate party.

A reindeer dalmation facepainting request


Snowman facepainting is popular at holiday parties


This girl is facepainted as a holiday princess


Kids love facepainting! For your holiday party Daisy Doodle can facepaint children with holiday motifs like snowmen, poinsetta princess,Christmas tree, candy canes, or do her regular facepainting. Face painting can be in addition to holiday or Christmas magic show, dancing and music; or just facepainting as a separate activity. Face painting is loved by kids of all ages. Adults often beg for holiday party facepainting too! For samples of Daisy Doodle's regular facepainting, go to her Facepainting kids parties webpage.

Christmas party entertainer Daisy Doodle can lead children in a multi-cultural sing-along of holiday songs from around the world
Join childrens party entertainer Daisy Doodle in a sing-along of holiday  music from  many different cultures, good for kids parties in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan NY

A Multi-cultural Singalong of Holiday & Christmas Songs

Daisy Doodle leads a sing-along of holiday and Christmas party songs from different cultures, nationalities and religions for a fun and educational experience for children and the whole family. Musical instruments provided for the kids to play along while singing holiday and Christmas songs. Classic holiday and Christmas songs include We wish you a Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Chanukah oh Chanukah, Buon Natalie, Frosty the Snowman, Jingle Bells, more. Singing holiday and Christmas songs is a great way to get into the holiday spirit for children and parents too!

Holiday balloon twisting and animal balloons is a great addition to your Xmas, Chanukah or Kwanza party!
Balloon artist Daisy Doodle twists balloons into a wide variety of shapes and animal balloons for private and corporate holiday parties

Holiday Party Balloon Twisting for Kids and Adults

A child wears a Christmas balloon hat and balloon sword at this holiday party in new york.  Doesn't she look cute?

Balloon artist Daisy Doodle twists balloons for Holiday and Christmas Parties in New York and vicinity. Balloon hats, sculptures, jewelry and balloon animals are popular with both kids and adults. Go to her balloon twisting page for lots of photos of her party balloons.

daisy doodle balloon page

Daisy Doodle made herself a poinsetta xmas balloon hat for  twisting balloons at a childrens holiday party

Girl models a balloon hat and balloon sword in xmas colors at holiday party nyc


Balloon artist Daisy Doodle twisted herself a holiday poinsetta party hat

Kids holiday party magician Daisy Doodle offers Christmas party crafts projects for children in NY, CT, NJ
Holiday and Christmas Craft projects can be provided by Daisy Doodle for kids parties in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx

Crafts Projects for Childrens Holiday Christmas Chanukah Parties NYC

Holiday party entertainer Daisy Doodle supplies kids crafts projects for children's holiday Christmas parties, Chanukah parties, Kwanza parties in New York City and vicinity. Kids decorate a variety of holiday Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza party crafts for holiday Christmas party entertainment, including the following:

Christmas party entertainer Daisy Doodle supplies craft projects for your childrens holiday party in nyc, Long Island, Westchester, NY
Kids can put together  Christmas craft projects for holiday party entertainment.
  Daisy Doodle provides a variety of Christmas and Chanukah craft projects for kids holiday parties in nyc

Go to kids party crafts projects page for more information on Christmas, Holiday and Chanukah party craft projects for childrens parties in New York City and surrounding areas.


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