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Halloween Childrens Party Entertainment NYC & Halloween Magic Shows for Kids

Halloween party entertainment is popular with adults and children Daisy Doodle Diabolica performs a wide variety of Halloween shows for Halloween party entertainment in the New York tri-state area Daisy Doodle Diabolica is an experienced Halloween party entertainer with many years of Halloween parties under her costume!
Daisy Doodle Diabolica has lots of halloween games for Halloween party entertainment in nyc

Lots of Halloween music, Halloween party games and kids party giveaways.

Kids love dancing to halloween dance music at parties in ny
childrens Halloween party entertainment nyc Manhattan Westchester Long Island Bronx Brooklyn Queens NY CT NJ

Dance to upbeat childrens Halloween dance music like the Monster Mash, Ghostbusters, Werewolves of London, etc. Streamer wands and Halloween clackers handed out to the kids.

Halloween music adds excitment to any halloween party!
Daisy Doodle Diabolica has a special halloween magic show with lots of halloween magic tricks, storytelling, costuming
Kids loved to be scared in a fun way by Daisy Doodle Diabolica's halloween magic show with lots of audience participation

Daisy Doodle Diabolica's Kids Halloween Magic

Daisy Doodle Diabolica has a large assortment of Halloween craft projects she can provide for your halloween party entertainment. Halloween party crafts projects for kids parties nyc, childrens halloween party crafts ny

Daisy Doodle Diabolica's Halloween Magic Show for childrens party entertainment and kids parties is a fun spooky magic show with Halloween music, comedy, storytelling and lots of audience participation. Daisy Diabolica dresses up as a friendly witch.

Lots of fun Halloween Craft Projects for children of all ages!

Daisy Doodle Diabolica the Friendly Halloween Witch

Daisy Diabolica performs professional  halloween childrens party entertainment

Halloween Childrens Party Entertainment NY NJ CT

Daisy Doodle Diabolica loves childrens Halloween parties! She usually dresses up as a friendly witch, or can wear another Halloween costume. Kids Halloween party activities can include a Halloween magic show, Halloween music, dancing and games, Halloween craft projects, facepainting and balloon twisting. See below for more information on Daisy Doodle Diabolica's Halloween entertainment, Halloween magic show and party activities.

Daisy Diabolica has a childrens Halloween magic show with halloween music,magic, dance,  storytelling, audience participation, costuming

Halloween Magic Show for Kids Parties NY CT NJ

Daisy Diabolica's Halloween Children's Magic Show is a fun blend of Halloween magic, comedy, storytelling, spooky Halloween music and dancing, and lots of kids participation in their cute Halloween costumes! Below are photos and video clips from Halloween magic shows in New York.

Daisy Doodle Diabolica's Halloween Magic Show's Opening Number

Daisy Doodle, kids halloween magician, performs a dramatic childrens halloween magic show for a halloween party in nyc. The Halloween magic show for a kids Halloween party has a dramatic opening number  to spooky music from the Wizard of Oz Daisy Doodle, childrens halloween party magician, performing a kids magic show with Halloween music and dance for a children's party

Daisy Doodle Diabolica's Halloween magic show opens with a dramatic dance to music from the Wizard of Oz. She enters and dances with a broomstick (Fred Astaire eat your heart out!) and also dances with a long orange streamer wand

Daisy Doodle's Halloween magic show starts with her flying out on her witch's broomstick to halloween music Halloween magician Daisy Doodle's musical opening number for kids Halloween party in nyc. Daisy Doodle Diabolica, a friendly Halloween party witch, begins her Halloween magic show with music and dance.

Photos of Daisy Doodle Diabolica's Kids Halloween Magic Show

Daisy Diabolica doing a halloween magic trick with a child at the halloween party Daisy Doodle, Halloween party magician gets alot of kids up to help her with her halloween magic show the children are helping magician Daisy Diabolica with her halloween magic table decoration.

Kids volunteer to participate in Halloween Magic Show at halloween party in nyc

Children to help decorate Halloween magic table at halloween party in nyc

Kids produce magic halloween scarves they produced to decorate halloween table

A girl is studying halloween magician Daisy Doodle to see if she can learn how to do a magic trick. Wow!  Daisy Diabolica is producing a halloween party hat for her volunteer at this halloween party in ny Childrens Halloween magician Daisy Doodle puts a hat on her volunteer to complete this halloween magic trick.

Volunteer for Halloween kids party magic show

Magician at work at Halloween show

Halloween party hat for magic show helper

Hey look, Elvis is in the house at this halloween magic show in ny the kids are destroying Daisy Diabolica's magic wands at this halloween show!  What's a magician to do???
Halloween magician Daisy Doodle has a dramatic finale to her childrens halloween magic show.

Is that Elvis at kids magic show at children's Halloween magic party in nyc?

Opps, what happened to Daisy Diabloica's magic wand at halloween party in nyc?

Wow, magic pumpkin produced by children at halloween party in nyc!


Video Clip Kids Halloween Magic Show in NYC

Below is a video montage of Daisy Doodle Diabolica's Halloween magic show in New York

Halloween Magic Show for Childrens Party Entertainment with Daisy Doodle Diabolica!

Photos from Childrens Halloween Magic Show

Halloween magician Daisy Doodle Diabolica dressed as a friendly witch for Halloween magic show
  Daisy Doodle Diabolica scares the kids with her broomstick as part of the opening number for her Halloween magic show in nyc.

Daisy Doodle Diabolica is ready for her Halloween Magic Show


Daisy Doodle Diabolica with her broom in opening number to spooky music for beginning of kids Halloween Magic Show at a party in New York.

Halloween magician Daisy Doodle Diabolica waves her streamer wand to spooky halloween music as part of her Halloween magic show's opening number
  Kids reach up to grab the flying streamer that opens the halloween magic show at this childrens halloween party in nyc

2nd half of dramatic opening number Halloween Magic Show


Kids at the party reach for streamer wand at Halloween Magic Show's opening number to spooky Halloween music



oh dear, all the kids want to be helpers at Daisy's Halloween magic show   A child volunteer helps magician Daisy Diabolica with this halloween magic trick   This girl is very proud she magically painted the Halloween picture at this children's halloween party

Hmm, which child to choose as helper for the next magic trick?


Magic Show volunteer is painting a Halloween picture


Wow, the Halloween picture has been magically turned into color!


Magic Story of Mr Bones

Magician Daisy Diabolica tells the halloween magic story of Mr. Bones
Mr. Bones plays a trick on magician Daisy Doodle and all the kids at this halloween party!

Mr. Bones is playing a magic Halloween trick on the kids!





A Halloween Poem

The kids dressed as vampires get to act out a halloween poem

A Halloween Poem uses the kids dressed in vampire costumes to perform in Halloween Magic show


Decorating Halloween Magic Table

Magician Daisy Doodle needs help from the kids to decorate her halloween magic table
the children magically transformed the silks into halloween decorations for Daisy Diabolica's magic table

Children volunteers magically produce decoratons for halloween Magic table


This boy who loves to dance has volunteered to follow whatever magician Daisy does to learn how to do a halloween magic trick   Magician Daisy Diabolica and child volunteer must do the monster mash dance to activate the magic  
The magic dance worked!  The boy gets to keep halloween magic hat he helped to create by doing the monster mash dance.

Child volunteer will attempt to do magic.


We must do the Monster Mash magic dance!


Boy gets to keep magic hat

Children volunteered to help magician Daisy make a pumpkin pie at this halloween magic show   so, the water for the halloween pumpkin pie must be in this cup, right?   The kids made the water disappear from the cup at this halloween magic show.  How did they do that???

This remaining cup must have the water!


Ok, let's do the magic water test


Hey, the water has disappeared!

These children prepare to use their magic wands to help magician Daisy Doodle Diabolica make a halloween pumpkin pie   We did it! The children volunteers helped with this halloween magic trick to produce a pumpkin pie.  Looks yummy, right?

Children volunteers are ready with their magic wands


Wow, we made a magic Halloween pumpkin pie!


Video Clip Halloween Magic Show for Childrens Party Entertainment with Daisy Doodle Diabolica!

Balloon twisting for Halloween parties in nyc, for both children and adults
Daisy Doodle twists balloons for CBS Early Show on Channel 2 TV for their kids Halloween Party in New York City.

Halloween Balloon Twisting for Halloween Childrens Parties


Halloween entertainer Daisy Doodle's Halloween balloon hat for CBS Early Show's annual childrens Halloween party entertainment in New York City

Daisy Doodle on CBS Early Show on Channel 2 TV NY for Halloween Party Show

Halloween balloon hat for CBS Early Show on Channel 2 TV NY for Halloween Party Show

Check out Daisy Doodle Diabolica's other balloon twisting photos

Halloween facepainting enhances kids halloween costumes or gives a halloween theme to their faces

Facepainting for Halloween Parties

This girl has her face painted with halloween skulls as part of a halloween rainbow princess facepainting  
Halloween facepainter Daisy Doodle facepaints kids at an annual  halloween party in manhattan
this child has her face painted with halloween pumpkins for a unique halloween look

Skeleton Princess Halloween Facepainting


Halloween Facepaint by Daisy Doodle


Girl facepainted as Pumpkin Princess

this boy has his facepainted as a dragon to match his halloween party costume
  kids often like their arms painted in halloween themes.  One arm is painted with halloween pumpkins, the other arm with halloween colored flowers

Boy painted as dragon to match his hallowee costume


Arms painted with halloween pumpkins and flowers in nyc

Check out Daisy Doodle's facepainting page for photos of her regular facepainting.

Daisy Doodle Diabolica offers a wide variety of halloween party entertainment in new york and parts of connecticut and new jersey

Other Halloween Party Activities

Crafts Projects for Kids Halloween Parties NYC

Kids love to make crafts. Daisy Doodle has lots of halloween craft projects she can provide for your Halloween party. Below are some of the halloween craft projects she has in stock. She can also go and buy more crafts!

a halloween craft project at a halloween party in new york is  a witch door handle decoration

- Decorating halloween pumpkins kids craft project

Another halloween  craft project is decorating a

- Assembling witch door greeter halloween craft project

- Constructing black cat mask halloween craft project

- Decorating "Boo" wall ornament halloween craft project

- Assembling foil halloween sign craft project

This halloween craft project is decorating halloween pumpkins


Daisy Doodle Diabolica leads halloween dancing to halloween music

Halloween Party Dancing

Children can dance to popular Halloween party dances such as the Monster Mash, Ghostbusters, more. Daisy Doodle can lead kids in a costume parade to halloween music. She also has all the popular party dances such as the Macarena, Limbo, Chicken Dance, Cha Cha Slide, etc.

Kids love dancing to halloween dance music.  Daisy Diabolica can also lead a kids costume parade to show off their halloween costumes

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